Body-ody-ody and Me (Part 0)

I wrote a post today on Instagram since there had been some commentary about the shift in my content. Basically, I was posting shirtless selfies and more ‘scandalous’ pictures of me in Speedos or even a bare butt cheek.

Oh my.

But it reminded me that not everyone understands immediately where all this is coming from and that’s fine; not everyone deserves our story for free. You save those vulnerable moments for people who matter and have shown their love and support for you. Not strangers on the internet.

Except… I think I’m going to anyway. If someone else stumbles across this blog and finds a way to love themselves or build themselves up to a self-lovable point? It was worth putting myself out there for.

I don’t have any time to start Part 1 today, but it’s coming. By the time this series of posts is finished, I want to dive into mental/physical motivations, what I did to keep myself going, my successes, my failures, the impact on my professional and love life… it’s a lot. This has been a major force in my life for the better part of 15 years now; it’s not easily broken up into easily consumable bits.