That’s a Wrap

January 12, 2020


Our poor tree barely survived the holidays.  It’s unbelievably dry in Colorado, and despite near daily watering, he finally just gave up.

I always seem to start a post complaining about how busy I’ve been- so let’s not do that this time. Sure, the holidays and travel and birthdays and buying a house really just.. twisted me up into a stress knot but I doubt that’s unique to just me.  Let’s all just be happy that it’s done, we can calm down and catch our breath, and move on. 

We kicked off our year with pretty strict diet and exercise (fine with it) and Dry January (less fine with it).  It’s not that I’m overly alcoholic, but I got an awesome whiskey book, an AMAZING cocktail guide, and assorted mixing gear and materials that I can’t wait to try.

But I can’t.

Until February. 

Until then- I’ll dream of delicious drinks made with a French Press while I do maintenance on the home network and design some stairs for our deck. 


I could really use that drink now.