The galleries and store have moved.

I got hooked on taking pictures way back in elementary school. We had a class field trip to a local science lab for a week and one of the activities was to develop our own pictures. I ran around with my dad’s old manual Minolta camera snapping weird angles and pictures trying to get the best shot of the class. I’m pretty sure I didn’t but I do remember getting some “edgy” black and white shots of my neighbor’s hallway.  I wonder whatever happened to them.

These days photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. I’m a big fan of the great outdoors, so a lot of my stuff is from trips going hiking or camping. I’m branching out more into people and architecture over landscapes, but nature and landscape photography are still my primary focus.  Living in California the last 9 years has been a great way to explore that more fully.

For me, photography gets a full site to itself vs any other hobby I do is because of its importance to me.   At best, I’m an overly concise speaker and writer who is careful to remove emotional context from everything I say.  Naturally that generally gives a very different impression to the reader. Photography gives me an opportunity to evoke a very specific feeling or idea and my greatest joy is watching someone ‘get it’.  It’s the way I express my creative side.

So What Cameras Do I Use?

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 daily use camera.
  • My Canon 5D Mark II for real shooting.
  • On the go adventuring? Nothing better than the GoPro Hero 3.
  • Newest: DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. Oooh!


Aside from my gallery & store link up top you can also view / follow me on your favorite photography sites.

I’ve been a long time member of Flickr. It’s had a bit of a rocky road, but hands down it’s one of the best photo discovery sites out there. If you want to browse around you can find my Flickr profile here.


500px has been gaining ground lately. If you want to buy / license digital copies of my pictures you can do so here. Otherwise it’s the same content here as Flickr. You can find my profile here.