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January 7, 2010

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. ~Yoda

Love of the Game
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A lot of people don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions for a variety of reasons. I’d like to think that I’ve heard every excuse there is at this point but people continually find new ways to surprise me. The two most common (to date) that I’ve heard are:

  1. “Oh, I don’t need a reason to make goals, I have them year-round.”
  2. “People never stick to resolutions anyway so why bother.”

There’s a whole slew of ways to argue these points, but for me it just isn’t worth it. While I agree with the first statement in principle, New Years and its associated traditions provide a logical, easily remembered point in time to set goals for yourself for the coming year. If you’re committed enough to not need such a landmark date that’s great, but I’ll stick with what works for me.

In years past I never bothered setting goals for myself. Sometimes (infrequently) New Years was a good time to look over what happened to me in the last year and try to figure out what went wrong. The past two years were the first times I tried setting concrete goals for myself and it worked out pretty well. I think that where this practice fails for a lot of folks is that they don’t set concrete enough goals. If you don’t know your goal, how can you judge your progress or success / failure?

Now without further pontificating- my goals for 2010.


  • I want to maintain a 30-31 inch waist.
  • Make it to the gym 4 days a week at least every other week, if not every week.
  • Reduce my bodyfat. My scale currently says I’m at ~8-9%, but I wonder how accurate that is. That might be true overall, but most of my bodyfat is concentrated around the ‘ole waistline. Needs to even out!
  • Be able to squat 160lbs, bench press 180lbs, and do 100 pushups. Not necessarily all of these back to back 🙂


  • Read at least 3 books a month (or 36 books for the year) with at least half being non-fiction. I’m great at tearing through fiction but I’m slow on the nonfic.
  • Draw more. I haven’t actively sketched anything in years, and the LA Ink marathon I watched while fighting off the deadly ninja sinus virus ..thing rekindled the creative urge in me. I haven’t decided what I’m going to draw yet but I want to have at least four finished pieces by the end of the year.
  • Photography. I definitely want to take more pictures, and I’ve started on that by joining the 365 Project. It’s not a competition- you just take a picture every day and post it. I also want to enter at least two photo contests this year.
  • San Diego Exploration. At least once a month, try something new around town. This includes hiking.

Self Improvement

  • Learn a foreign language. This is one of my failed goals from last year, sadly. Logically enough I’m starting with Latin American Spanish since it’s the second most popular language here. I’d also like to be able to talk to the nice smiling people who run the 24 hour burrito drive thru near my house.
  • Add a new technical skill / certification. I’m leaning strongly toward PHP here due to my increasing WordPress involvement. Currently I’m more of a talented amateur hacker at it than anything else.

So thems my goals for the year. The fitness ones should be a breeze, the hobby ones a bit harder, and I think that the self improvement ones will be the hardest of all.

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