I like pie!

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September 16, 2009

That is some tasty, tasty pie you see there: apple pie ala mode with caramel sauce. Today was a pretty good day so I decided to celebrate a bit with room service.

I’m up in LA for a few days getting to meet the development teams I’ll be working with and trying to absorb all the knowledge of my predecessor. I drove up yesterday evening after 8 and I gotta say; driving in LA was fun! 8 lanes of traffic, average speed of 70-80mph, and tons of traffic all dodging and weaving. It was like driving in a high speed go-kart track.

While up here, I managed to get my truck delivered ahead of schedule. The movers were in the area doing another drop off and called me to schedule the San Diego delivery. I talked them into dropping it here at the LA office instead and turned in my rental car a day early. Hurrah! It only took about 6 phone calls and twenty minutes to actually FIND the movers but we eventually did. My truck is filthy, smells like an oily boot, and the seat settings are all jacked up. But it’s mine. Further fun factoids? I didn’t realize until the day I drove up to LA that they only take payment in cash, money order, or cashiers check, and I’m nearly 1200 miles from my nearest bank branch. I’m probably the whitest looking person to ever appear to be doing a drug deal by giving him a wad of cash on a side street near the freeway.

After the truck trade we went up to the main Sony Pictures lot/campus in Culver City to meet some of the dev teams; we ran into them at The Commissary so we joined up for lunch. We got to hang out some afterward and see some product demos. It’s a kickass experience to watch technology like this in action and to realize it’s running on “my” platforms. Everyone I’ve met has been great so it sucks that I’ll be 100 miles away and not able to be up this way more often. The eye candy wandering the Sony Pictures campus is a pretty nice fringe benefit too.

Looks I’ll be heading back to San Diego a day early due to some network maintenance Thurs night / Fri morning. It looks like the rest of my belongings should be arriving this weekend too so hopefully I’m gonna be pretty busy. It’ll be nice to have …well a bed for starters. Maybe Wifecat will stop giving me dirty looks from across the room.

Food coma is catching up to me so I’m making an early night of it.