2017 and what not.

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January 1, 2017

I’m typically not a New Year’s resolution kinda guy. I don’t typically wait until a specific time of the year to set my goals and announce them to the world- seems artificially constrictive to me.

That being said I do have some goals to set for once and it’s the start of a new year so.. why not?  The husband and I recently were able to achieve one of our life goals which was to move back to San Diego, so between that and the shit show of a year 2016 was, I feel it’s time for a fresh start.  Without further ado and in no particular order, I give you…

  • Achieve a better balance with my professional life and fitness.  I know a lot of people like to talk about work / life balance- I’ve been to both extremes of that particular seesaw and know it for the lie that it is. Work and Life are not two halves of our lives- they’re at best 1/5th.  For me this resolution is about being able to balance my fitness goals with my busy professional life.
  • Find ways to manage my stress better. This ties into #1.  I think everyone knows how stress makes them feel- you’re reactive, quick tempered, like you’re full of bees and can’t get them out.  What we often don’t realize is the indirect effects of stress: your body begins to suffer from adrenal fatigue and produces more stress-abating hormones that do things like encourage fat storage, drop libido, and even influences the way you view things and decisions you make.  For me this is a multi-step process (the first of which was moving back to SD) and includes things like reading more, playing video games, working on my photography and drawing, and just being outdoors more.
  • Communicate better with my partner.  Man this is a biggie for me.  I like to think I’m an effective communicator at work but the same strategies that work so well there are useless at home.  After a year of marriage I’ve seen some trends in myself that I want to change:
    • Don’t try to protect your spouse’s feelings.  They’re a big boy/girl and by not being honest with them you’re hurting yourself too.  I’m not saying be mean- the intent here is for 1 person to not always be ‘taking one for the team’.  It’s a mentality that leads to resentment as the other person often doesn’t realize what’s going on because you didn’t verbalize it.
    • Don’t die on every hill.  It’s ok to be not right (ie, wrong).
    • Don’t be afraid of asking for what you want out of a partner.  You may not get it, or you may get a compromise, but it’s far better than expecting the other person to be a mind reader.
    • Support each other, but don’t carry each other (unless you have to).  There’s circumstances like grief or loss or tragedy that are an exception, but you both have to walk this relationship road together.  You’ll get tired trying to carry each other all the time.
  • Get better at Art(TM).  Back in high school I loved to draw.  I was the equivalent of a human photocopy machine and could turn most things I saw into pencil sketches, though I didn’t necessarily do a lot of original work.  Then about 14years ago I got a copy of Photoshop (ahem) and the world of digital art, painting, and manipulation opened up to me. Fast forward to 6 years ago with the purchase of my Canon 5D MII and I’ve never looked back.  This year I want to devote more time to the creation of art through combining photography and digital manipulation.   There are a number of things that I need to work on here..
    • Use the tripod more, dumbass.  It’s the only way to get clean edges.
    • Travel, get out, use a different perspective.
    • Get my kit cleaned. Seriously overdue.
    • Landscapes are pretty but without something for scale / perspective, ultimately boring. FIND SOMETHING TO FOCUS ON.
    • Look more into double exposure images incorporating zentangle designs.

I guess that’s enough.  It’s very me focused which is the goal right?