I might not agree with myself in a year

May 22, 2016


But I probably will.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you probably know I’m a big Aisha Tyler fan.  Not literally big; despite what the picture here portrays she’s VERY much taller than me.  Very much.  She crouched down to make me feel better.  The title of my post is a quote from her in fact.

I respect her for a lot of reasons. She’s smart, opinionated, has an impressive vocabulary, and has hustle. Lots and lots of hustle.  On top of that she’s probably one of my favorite comedians which is how I was introduced to her in the first place. I’ve seen her live show twice (she really needs to be touring again), got her dvd, read her book, and of course watch Archer religiously.

But the hustle is what I respected the most.  Ironically one of her jokes in her stand up dvd talks about how she feels like she gets less effective as she gets older.  I can relate to that sensation.. I feel it almost daily.   When you’re a chronic multi-tasker you almost can’t stop doing it, and always feel like you can’t stop “doing” things and relax until your mental list is done.  Lately I always feel behind or that there’s just something else I want to do and if I just had an extra hour…   but I (nor does anyone else) ever have that extra magic hour.

I’ll be turning 38 this year which I’m not overly sad about.  To  25 year old Mike- who frequently gets a front row seat to my mental voice- says holy crap that’s old. I don’t feel any older for sure but I do, as Aisha Tyler once said, feel like I’m getting less effective.  I can’t get everything done that I could when I was 25, or 30, or even 33. I can’t spend an hour and a half at the gym. I can’t go out binge drinking (really ok with that).  I can’t drop everything and travel on a whim.  It’s hard to get laundry done or even go grocery shopping!  Multi-tasking? HA.  Barely.  But I think over the years I’ve become a better person and it definitely wasn’t through multitasking.

So what if I’m slower? I think that while maybe I’m not moving as fast, I can devote more time and energy to a Thing.  Maybe we/I shouldn’t judge our effectiveness by how many simultaneous things we can do?  If I look at my life now, what I have is worth so much more to me than what 25 or 30 year old Mike had. I have a family who’s with me to support me. I got married, got a few dogs, started gardening, and got a job I love.  I’m not living in a nearly empty bachelor pad, spending weekends at the beach, or worrying about what I have to do.    I might miss having abs but the reality is they only do so much for you and only at the beach, otherwise you’re That Guy (TM) in the bar with his shirt off.

Maybe I’m not as effective at multi-tasking but I think I’m ok with being a better husband and person.   I have my hobbies, my job, my little family and our cozy little life. I think overall it’s a much richer experience.   I have gardening, some computering projects, our dogs, my husband, photography…. heck that doesn’t even touch things like reading, comic books, movies, etc.  My life is rich, my life is effective, and we shouldn’t be judging people by how many things they can half ass at once.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to the gym though.

2 thoughts on “I might not agree with myself in a year”

  1. Hello from a fellow FIREstarter!

    I randomly followed your blog a few years ago for what is hopefully an obvious reason 🙂 and it’s interesting to read a few of your recent posts.

    I get where you’re coming from with the whole multitasking thing. I like to think that with age comes wisdom and that balances out the sheer get up and go of youth to some degree at least.

    So each task may end up taking slightly longer but you are probably doing it better, and probably enjoying the process more as well.

    Fast and more does not always equal good!

    All the best

    1. Mike says:

      Glad you like the recent posts! There aren’t that many of us firestarters out there, we gotta stick together.

      Stick around more!

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