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September 3, 2011

So tomorrow closes out my first week living in the Bay Area- coincidentally enough my cable is hooked up, furniture delivered, and my first delivery of groceries also hit tomorrow. I also want to go on record as saying that grocery delivery is the SHIT. There is no part of me shopping online and having people BRING IT TO ME that I don’t like. The only way it could be better is if Amazon did it so my Prime membership would cover shipping and handling. Moving on.

So this week has been split between living in a hotel and camping out in my empty apartment which to be honest is just depressing as hell. It’s jacked up how much an empty home affects your mood. I remember being in the same sort of funk when I moved to SD initially. It’s totally like when you break up with your gf (or politically correct non-contractual spousal partner) and they take their stuff and move out and everything is all hollow and echo-y like your heart and there’s this void and maybe this Loreena McKennitt album will make the pain go away and…

Uh. Yeah. You get the idea.

Anyway in my efforts to keep busy I noticed I had 800+ photos on my phone and Holy Jesus did the camera roll ever take forever to open. I decided it was time to clean it out and spent um, 3 hours deleting the bad and blurry ones and archiving the naughty ones for ‘later review’. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* I came across a lot of good memories- about 70ish- dating back over the last two years. Apparently my camera roll dated back to the week I came to San Diego to do some vacation / job hunting, which was exactly a week ago two years ago. Here’s a gallery of a few but check out the Flickr stream here. There’s actually like, captions and junk there on Flickr explaining them.