It’s been a year already?

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August 7, 2011

I was playing around with updating my site layout when I noticed it’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything. I didn’t think its been THAT long, but apparently my temporal awareness is as bad as my spatial awareness (ie, I’m a clutz). So let’s post something(s)!

Something #1 – something old
I’m turning 33. Sweet Jesus Crimminey. The actual date is August 23rd, but due to Something #2, I’m probably having a gathering the weekend of the Aug 20th.

Something #2 – something new
Some people know, some don’t, but I’m relocating to Palo Alto in 3 short weeks. I’m still working for Playdom/Disney Interactive, the relocation is just an effort to cut down on the sheer amount of travel I’ve been doing for the past 8 months or so. I still plan to be in San Diego for at least a week of every month for a while. My combo going away/birthday bash will probably be the 20th.

Something #3 – something borrowed
I had an early exposure to photography (pun intended) in the 5th grade. For the past few years I’ve been using a Sony A100 DSLR I borrowed from Dad- as of last week, that’s changed! I’ve upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark 2, which is just…unbelievably sweet. The pics in the header up there come from it 🙂 With the new camera also comes my new side gig as a freelance photographer which I’ll be talking about later.

Something #4 – something blue
Uh, at this point the theme fails me. The only things blue right now are:

  • Me! I hate to leave San Diego behind!
  • This sweet sweet panorama background you can download for free! If you like it, you can download the full size version all with some color variations here.

Tijuana to Temecula, from the top of Palomar Mountain

We’ll call it here for tonight- it’s a teaser post. I got lots to say on each of the subjects above but the laundry is done and it’s time to pack so I can fly out in the morning.