Dude where’s my truck?

Ruminations ,Travel
September 11, 2009

This is what I get for going with a discount shipper I guess. It was originally scheduled to be picked up Tuesday before I left. I spoke to Frank when it was finally scheduled for pickup on Wednesday after I left. No go. I get a call from the driver (Jim) Thursday morning at 6am saying it would be sometime that afternoon. “You’re CST? Yeah, that gives us an extra hour and..”

Fast forward to this morning, when I again get a call at 6am from the driver who’s name is now Michael. He’s “just outside of town”. Apparently that translates to an hour and a half away. He calls back every 30 minutes for directions on pickup, and finally I had to have my mom drive the truck to meet him because, and I quote, “Uh, this is a semi, and it don’t turn around none too good ya know”.

Hopefully it gets here before I have to head up to LA at the end of next week.