Our Wedding

Much to shock and dismay of many I finally settled down and got married in August of 2015. I long thought of myself as a confirmed, life-long bachelor but Paul changed all that for me.

I’d like to say no one was more surprised than me but that’s probably not true.  The first night I met Paul I asked him to marry me and despite him saying no I asked again on our third date.  He still said no but I didn’t give up; obviously I knew how this little story was going to turn out but it took Paul a few more years to catch up.

We tell most of our stories through pictures. I love photography as a medium for storytelling so I started amassing albums of our lives.

Us Our wedding website- yes, we were one of THOSE annoying couples.  We had a website, a newsletter, you name it.
Instagram shots of our wedding events

Our wedding spanned nearly a week and we came out with lots of pictures.

Part 1 – Getting ready | Part 2 – Cocktail Hour and Ceremony

Part 3 – The Reception |  Part 4 – The Wedding Party

We also asked all of our guests to take pictures and tag them on social media with #mikeandpaul2015.

Facebook | Instagram

On to the stories!