I used to think I had a short attention span. As I’ve gotten older I realized instead that I’m insanely curious about everything around me, so I’m constantly trying out new hobbies for the sheer fun of ‘figuring them out’.   This same tendency is reflected in my professional career: I love to create and build and be challenged, which means my ideal day isn’t a 9-5 behind a desk. It means I think a lot, read a lot, and will travel at the drop of hat.  I always stop to pet the puppies along the way.

In 2009 I took the plunge and moved away from my hometown and started to really explore the world and myself more. I kept my passion for gaming and being outdoors, but developed a deeper appreciation for craft cocktails, fitness, and even gardening (only succulents and cacti though).  Today I’m living in Denver, CO though my heart will always be in San Diego. I’m rediscovering my love of mixing technology and photography, and always looking for another house or business to renovate.

Over the years this website has been a number of things- a photography gallery, bit of a personal journal, but for the most part it’s completely dormant. I don’t really need a website, but lately I’ve been thinking of it more of my own personal git repo- little bits of my life in all forms that come together to make a complete ‘thing’.  It’s a better snapshot of my authentic self; collections of posts around my various hobbies or fitness programs, the occasional travel or adventure write up, and of course whatever technology tinkering I’m doing at home.

Here’s to the future and to all of us learning how to be our full authentic selves.

If you’re interested in viewing/purchasing my artwork – please see the store link up top!  |  If you’re interested in me professionally, check out my LinkedIn instead.