I’m not gonna lie, I have roughly 1234253 idea to write about, and I have posts started for all of them, and I’m skipping ALL of them to write this one instead.  Not because it’s more important or they’re less important (heh, nothing I write here is ‘important’) but because it’s fresh in my head and really struck a chord with me.

See, one of the byproducts of me putting the house up for sale and moving into an apartment downtown has been suddenly the addition of ‘free time’ to my life.  My nights and weekends aren’t just packed with house maintenance and upkeep. After two years of that (honestly more, same for the house in San Diego) I can do things I WANT to do, not just have to do.

Even more important? I can do nothing.

It didn’t click to me how important that can be until I mis-clicked an ad on FB leading to an inc.com post on how purposeful slacking at work can be good, and I realized it applies to my home life too.  So tonight? I cranked the stereo, opened the windows, and sat on my patio having a beer with Winston while I chatted and texted.

And it was glorious.