Where does time go?

December 31, 2019

It’s been almost two years since I sat down to write anything other than in my own private journals.  While doing that gives me a place to vent and milestones to look back on, it’s all stream of consciousness and isn’t really a tool I can use to organize my perspectives or share it with others.

It’s New Years Eve (5:22 MST to be exact) as I write this, and like many people I find myself  in an introspective headspace.  I suppose it’s pretty common considering the proliferation of resolutions (and anti-resolutions) that happen at this time of year but it really isn’t my intent to write a list of things for the new year. I like the introspection of the previous year more. 

Moving to Colorado has been a boon for us, helping us to remove stress from almost every aspect of our life that no one even realized were there.  That’s not to say life is on EasyMode(TM)?  It did give me a bit breathing room to sit back and work with Paul to figure out what we want out of the future and more importantly, what choices will point us in the right direction.  So without further ado here’s my learnings of 2019 and how I want to apply them to 2020. 

  • My writing ability, and at a larger scale my ability to pick up new things quickly, has atrophied to a noticeable degree.    Luckily my job has a multitude of tools and education resources across every skill we might need in our work from public speaking and other ‘soft’ skills to technical skills.  I’ve already started working through those and putting cheat sheets together for my team.  Outside of work, I want to take at least 1 class a month in something I don’t know how to do.  Cocktail/bartending, woodworking, glassworking, banjo, etc etc.  Be prepared for keto recipes, gym talk, travel junk and more.  My goal by end of December is to write SOMETHING every week.  Ideally I’d have pictures too (via Instagram, probably) to give visuals to the writing. 
  • For a long time I put recreational (non-work) activities last.  I can’t continue to do this as this ‘recharge’ time is what enables us to accomplish the marathon of life.  It’s not a sprint folks.   Traveling as much as I do for work can make this difficult to balance, but that just means I need a few things that travel well (gaming, reading, etc?).  One thing I’ve never done well is when traveling make time to explore the city I’m in even if it’s just urban exploration. I want to do more (and take pictures).
  • I haven’t take enough time for me and Paul / we spend too much down time doing mindless stuff.  The concept of date nights is a thing, but Colorado has an abundance of stuff for us to explore from the arts to bars to nature.  This year was rough because he worked two jobs for a lot of it, and our schedules had few if any overlapping off days.  
  • I haven’t really take my health seriously  which is a side effect of having  a pretty strong immune system (outside of my tonsils).  My worst illness was pneumonia over 10 years ago, and I’ve never even broken a bone. As I’ve gotten older I can feel my body and recovery ability slowing, which means preventative medicine is way, way more important to me than when I was younger. 
  • Be Brave
  • Be Kind

In parting, a little wisdom:

People of my generation were raised to crave consistency and normalcy, and that those were the hallmarks of security.  I’ve come to realize how fragile that is especially to outside influence, and I now know how much more valuable resiliency is. 

Stand up when you’re knocked down.

Try new things. 

Question. Every. Thing.