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December 19, 2017

Perspective is a tricky thing at the best of times; it’s hard to gain, hard to use, and easy to lose.
Even harder is to know when you’ve lost it until after the fact.

We have a Sunday morning tradition of breakfast burritos and walking on the beach to talk about our week. It’s an easy way to get us (me) out of the house and give ourselves a mental tune-up. This past weekend we hauled the drone with us and while we had fun, we also gained more perspective than anticipated.

I love both the photo and video here because it drives that message home. While I’ve surfed before (crappily) and used a GoPro on my board for capturing footage, using the drone and getting the overhead view was like nothing I could have imagined.  These aren’t some exotic waters in Bali or the Caribbean; just a local park and it’s breathtaking. There’s so much beauty you can’t see from sitting on the shore or even riding your board through it. Seeing the view from the drone out above really made me realize how much of the experience most people never see, even the surfers who are actively participating! Sometimes distance and perspective is needed to fully appreciate what you have. In many ways that’s life- we see the little pieces above the surface and never truly comprehend everything underneath.

A few months back we had a particularly awkward conversation on one of our Sunday beach walks.

Paul: “I’m so happy here, I’m glad we moved. Aren’t you?”
Me: “…No. I can see how I can be, but I’m not there yet.”

So what’s my perspective learning today? Is my life what and where I expected it to be right now?

Definitely not.

And that’s not a bad thing. It’s a really good thing.

I’m much closer to happy now.


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